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2009-03-11 19:35:37 by Kid-White

I think I'm too lazy for the life of a flash animator... Gosh, I can't seem to finish any projects... If it interests anyone though, I'm working on an animation and yet another platformer. Thar be something that I'd really like to finish. I started yet another though, and I think I might continue on with it, heh. So, hopefully I'll publish something.

Just.. redrawing each frame... I must persist! *froths at the mouth*


2007-09-06 18:17:38 by Kid-White

Right Now I'm In the Process of Making three games. One of them is to test what I've learned in flash as of yet, one is my first platformer test. Personally I think it's shaping up quite well. And for the third, it's another platformer which will be much more detailed then the first one I was talking about. I'll probably sumbit it to alpha first and see what everyone thinks of it. But for now, since schools started I proabably won't be working that hard. Anyways....... ummm.... PIGDRAGONPORKCHOPICECREAM?